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PVC Marble sheets-Wall panels

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PVC marble sheet is a type of panel made from calcium carbonate powder and Plastic resin. PVC marble sheet is also known as calcium carbonate panel or Top PVC marble. The calcium carbonate sheet undergoes various tests under the supervision of quality control to ensure its flawless.

PVC Marble Sheets Sizes

The standard size of our PVC Marble sheet is 1200mm*2400mm. PVC marble sheets are enjoyed widely in interior wall decoration for commercial and residential places, like hotels, hospitals, office buildings, corridors, meeting rooms, office rooms, clubs, theatres, restaurants, cafe houses, department stores, fashion stores, boutiques, chambers, clubs, restaurant, cafe, lab, villa, salon, house, museum, exhibition store, and so on. It is produced with typical marble textures, and other popularly loved textures like granite, wood, 3 D and solid colours for different decoration options.

Advantages of PVC Marble Sheet

  • Easy to install and maintain
  • 4 times cheaper than marble stone or granite
  • Water and moisture resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Attractive and inexpensive

Ideal for commercial interior wall decoration

Thanks to the attractive and typical classic colors of marble and wood, PVC Marble Wall Panels are widely used in companies, offices, meeting rooms, fashion stores, restaurants, cafes, discos, lounges, etc. widely used in the fields. It can be used on team fronts.

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