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Fiber PU Cornice 100mm


  • Same install method with wooden or plaster materials, but cost 80% less, easy to install and will not crack, crumble, or warp
  • Eco-friendly, waterproof, light weight, good elasticity.
  • Practicable to transform, as it can be nailed, sawed, planed and bent accordingly.
  • Different from wood or plaster, do not saturate, leak, deform or detach, it’s durable and easy to clean and maintain.

Polyurethane cornice also known as fibre cornice in Kenya is a crown moulding made from closed cell or open cell polyurethane foam. It comes in various moldings and sizes. Polyurethane cornice has outstanding advantages compared to the gypsum moulded cornices.

Some of the advantages of using polyurethane Cornice moulding includes;

  • Lasts longer than MDF, wood or gypsum based mouldings.
  • Designed for interior and exterior use.
  • Pre-primed and ready for paint.
  • Easy to install and will not crack, crumble, or warp.
  • Low cost: The surface painting is finished and installation time is very short, can be planned, sawed, nailed and glued. 80% cost save than using wood and concrete.
  • Fire-proof: Reach the standard of no combustion.
  • Water-proof: No moisture absorbing, water permeation, and mildew arising.