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Mindy Secure Mindy Padlock 40MM

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Mindy Top Anti-Burglar Theft Zinc Alloy High Security Padlock With 3 Keys

✅40MM @500
✅50MM @600
✅60MM @700
✅70MM @800


Based on zinc alloy which is extremely durable. Ideal for medium to high risk of theft, the padlocks are recommended for a wide range of security requirements. All models in this series have a par acentric key way, zinc alloy plated cylinder cores and hardened steel shackle. The lock is built to resists being picked by a shim (along the sides of the shackle), and also has a unique internal mechanism that is more difficult to pick. And, because there is a metal barrier that blocks the shackle, it is also more difficult to clip with bolt cutters.Variations vary in sizes where small is40mmMedium is50mmand Large is60mm

Key Features

Hard to copy with high precision, it is one of the best advantage for burglar-proof locks

Padlock suggested for school, gym lockers, cases, chains, cabinets, hasps and storages.

Bright metallic lustre and good corrosion resistance

Fashion vintage look and unique structure

Package Includes:1 x Padlock + 3 x Keys

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